Marquee styles ā€“ which is right for your event?

August 8, 2020 by oxfordadmin10

Marquee styles – which is right for your event?

Traditional marquees

These marquees represent a gorgeous and elegant choice for your event. Traditional marquees are manufactured from high-quality canvas and are heavily weather resistant. They need to be placed in locations with extra space around the outside of the marquee to accommodate the poles and ropes that keep it upright.

This style is brilliant for a whole host of outdoor events – both large and small. More often than not you will see these used for weddings either as a setting for the ceremony or reception.

Clear span frame marquees

Clear span frame marquees are incredibly modern and popular in this day and age. Unlike the first option, there is no need for extra poles and ropes to keep the marquee in place. This makes it perfect for event locations where you don’t have a great deal of space. They’re also fully customisable which means you can tailor them to your event.

The flexibility of this marquee makes it perfect for so many different events. They’re classy and beautiful meaning they’re great for wedding receptions or parties. However, they can also be great accompaniments to any corporate events, fairs or even community events.

Pagoda marquees

Pagoda marquees are often called Chinese hats due to their striking appearance. You’ll recognise this style from a mile away due to their unique pointed roofs. They offer a different look to the other marquee options at your disposal. What’s great about these is that they can be used on their own or added to a clear span marquee.

When on their own they are fantastic for corporate events and can be used as stalls to showcase and sell products. You could even use them as temporary shelter in your garden when hosting a get together during the summer. However, add them to a clear span marquee and they make the perfect entrance hall or reception area for a wedding or party event.

Awnings and walkways

Those of you looking to embellish the look of your marquee will appreciate the beauty of awnings and walkways. They help to create a stunning atmosphere and can be used as a gorgeous entrance to your marquee. All of our awnings and walkways are handmade to fit the style of your choice.

Most people enjoy using them to create a wonderful entrance hall to their wedding marquee. Alternatively, they’ve been used for business events to give a marquee a large meeting space at the front for guests to mingle in. They are perfect for just about any event imaginable and can be used with any of the other options mentioned above.

By looking at these four options, you can figure out which marquee style is better suited to your event. Think about the event itself as well as the location and how much space you have to play with, then you can view the Marquee Hire Prices list for options.

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