Marquee weddings Questions & Answers

September 8, 2020 by oxfordadmin10

Marquee weddings Q&A

What size of marquee do you require?

To get the most appropriately sized marquee, you need to have a clear idea of how many guests you intend to invite. This overall figure needs to include guests attending both during the day, and the evening. It’s also essential that you consider the space needed for catering, dining and entertainment. Otherwise, you may hire a marquee that is too large or small and not entirely fit for purpose. Providing an approximate figure will make it far easier for the marquee supplier to recommend a size that suits your requirements.

Is the chosen venue suitable for a marquee?

A professional marquee hire company will require an inspection of your venue in advance to check it’s suitability. Marquees can be assembled to fit a number of venue spaces. But it’s always best to have it checked out first. This will give the supplier and you valuable insight into potential issues that may need to be dealt with. These can include space limitations, lack of power sources and uneven ground. You may find that you need to add additional extras to rectify these concerns, such as outsourcing generators. Doing this will ensure the marquee company gives you a more accurate estimation on how much the Marquee Hire price will cost overall.

How long do you need the marquee for?

To help you budget and plan your wedding more efficiently, you need to know how long you require the marquee you wish to hire. You may need time to dress the marquee before the wedding or need a few days to clean up afterwards. Marquee hire service companies will vary when it comes to the assembling and dismantling process. Some may set up the day before your wedding and wait a week before they dismantle. Whereas others will set up on the day and pick it up the day after. So be realistic about your needs and discuss them thoroughly with your marquee supplier. This will make choosing suitable dates far easier.

Do you need insurance?

The answer to this questions would be a definite yes. If something gets damaged due to the marquee, or if it turns out to be faulty, an insurance policy will protect you. You need to ask the marquee supplier whether they are insured or you could be the ones who are liable to pay. If they do have insurance, find out exactly what issues it covers. This will stop you from getting any nasty surprises later on. If they don’t, find an insurance company who will provide an appropriate policy or choose an insured marquee supplier instead.

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