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Checklist for selecting a marquee hire company

Checklist for selecting a marquee hire company

October 18, 2020 by oxfordadmin10

Checklist for selecting a marquee hire company

Are you planning a marquee event? Before choosing your marquee hire company, there are several things to consider.

Does your venue allow marquees?

Firstly, you need to choose your venue. It is important to check right from the start that your venue will allow a marquee to be erected on site. If a marquee is approved by the venue, the next step is to find a company to provide the marquee.

What is the time frame for your marquee event?

Think about the time frame when choosing a marquee company. Is your event taking place soon, or do you have a year to plan? If the date of the event is very close, set-up time must be taken into account along with the time required for a site visit. The site visit is particularly important if the marquee hire company is based a distance away or if the desired destination presents a challenging environment for marquee erection (such as a steep slope).

To avoid any unforeseen delays, allow plenty of time before the event is due. We suggest you confirm all your requirements at least one month before your event to avoid disappointment. The strike (dismantlement) time is also important to consider.

Do you need to customise your marquee?

It is worthwhile familiarising yourself with the additional features and prices offered by a marquee company. Different companies will offer different equipment such as furniture, lighting, a bar or a dance floor for example, all of which we offer at Oxford Tent Company.

As with the additional features a company has to offer, the types of marquee also vary between different companies. The size, shape and style of the marquee are important. These are dependent on the number of guests, the area the marquee will be erected in and the vision you want to recreate.

Does the marquee hire company have a good reputation?

The reputation of a marquee company gives a valuable insight into the reliability, experience and the level of service of which they can offer. A bad reputation may put the success of your event at risk! When you choose Oxford Tent Company, rest assured you are in safe hands. We have the experience, providing high quality MUTA-accredited canvas tents.

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